” I didn’t know Wirco did that!” If you have ever said this phrase when thinking about alloy castings or fabrication needs for your heat treat or steel mill operation, this is a friendly reminder of all the capabilities that Wirco has to help drive better results for your specific needs. Wirco would love to show you that we actually do have the capabilities to make everything. Others may tell you they can , but we can prove we can!

With two distinct divisions of our company, Fabrication and Foundry, Wirco is set up perfectly to provide our customers with the best of both worlds. Our fabrication department is located in Avilla, IN just minutes outside Fort Wayne. At this campus you will find 3 separate buildings each with its own function and features. Plant 1 provides a large space for building fabrications including baskets and fixtures. Wirco’s pressure welding is housed here allowing for greater efficiency during the fabrication process. Plant 2 you will find our in house pattern shop, where we design, create and mill customer patterns. This allows Wirco to maintain quality, design and timing while working together with customers needs. Plant 2 also holds many of our fabrication equipment such as robotic welding for fabrications and presses for shaping. Plant 3 is where you will find many of our office professionals. Located in the other half of plant 3 is Wirco’s proven mechanical welding stations allowing for fast and efficient set up during the welding process for tubes and furnace rolls. Further down in plant 3 you will see numerous CNC lathes and milling machines, allowing for Wirco to achieve the high standards and tightest tolerances.

Wirco Hybrid Basket

Wirco’s Foundry division resides in Champaign , IL. Our facility includes a robust climate controlled pattern storage facility complete with a modern fire suppression system, Wirco’s fully accredited A2LA certified lab with two metallurgists, engineering department with several design and molding engineers (three of which are MagnaFlow solidification software certified.) Wirco also houses 3D printing capabilities for rapid prototyping of casting designs. On the main foundry floor you will find two large Electric Arc Furnaces and three Induction furnaces. Wirco utilizes six distinct green sand molding systems in addition to a Modern (best in the industry) no bake/chemical sand line. Walking further back into the plant, you come across the Duker centrifugal casting area with three more induction furnaces located solely for the centrifugal operation. At the final phase in the foundry is where you find quality review and testing ensuring our products match the quality of our standards. Pressure testing of radiant tubes and rolls along with in house X-ray technology allows Wirco to ensure solid castings. Final quality inspection occurs here before we ship out high quality castings out the door to our critically important customers.

Castings are always made to meet specific needs and metallurgical specifications. These castings can include but are not limited to : Radiant tubes, furnace rolls, tray, grids, roller rails, chain guides, rollers, fans, tube supports, piers, riders, ETC.

Fabrication possibilities are almost endless. We can produce Baskets, hybrid baskets, serpentine grids, fixtures, Salt pots, corrugated boxes, muffles, woven mesh products, fans, ETC.


Whatever your needs are, Wirco can help! All aspects of Wirco’s products and raw materials are domestically sourced, making everything shipped from both facilities 100% Made in the USA! We also buy back scrap to help reduce the burden on yearly budgets. Please reach out with any needs and we look forward to helping you. Thank you

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