Casting Capabilities

WIRCO's technical expertise, experience, and modern facilities are at the forefront of the casting supply field. The WIRCO foundry is a flexible, state of the art facility that can meet customer requirements through a full range of cast alloy products.

Diversification is the key to WIRCO flexibility: green sand molding, cold and hot box processes and permanent molds are all utilized to produce the highest quality castings.

The Alloy Engineering and Casting Company facilities include both induction and arc furnaces allowing for the production of a wide variety of casting sizes, complexities, and weights. Castings produced by WIRCO can range from 0.1 to 3000 pounds.

Quality control is an important part of the WIRCO production process. Gravity poured products incorporate ceramic gating, metal chills, and specialty sands to promote casting cleanliness and sound internal structure. X-ray examination is conducted on all new or re-designed castings by certified industrial radiographers in order to verify internal soundness.

Additionally, metal analysis for each furnace heat is certified by spectrometer in our A2LA-accredited laboratory (Testing Cert #1321.01). All castings are poured at the lowest possible temperature to promote finer grain structure, reduce internal shrinkage, and improve ductility. By using the optimal percentage of virgin material and teapot ladle pouring, WIRCO is able to further ensure metal integrity.



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