The Wirco Hybrid Basket combines the best of Wirco and Alloy Engineering and Castings Company into one product

  • The design of the hybrid basket promotes a consistent load space for repeatable part loading and incorporates the best functional qualities of cast and wrought material.
  • The basket bottom is cast alloy; using a casting allows for a FLAT bottom that stays flat, liners do not pocket and your parts maintain the shape required.
  • The sides are made of wrought material. The ductility of RA330 allows the sides of the baskets to be straightened throughout the life of the product.

  • Removable cast stack posts are available for all Hybrid models.
  • The Hybrid basket is the most versatile basket in the market.
  • Both captive and commercial heat treaters will find this basket useful for all load shapes and sizes.

We stock a large inventory of cast basket bottoms to assure quick delivery.



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