Wirco maintains a large pattern inventory of trays, grids, and cast baskets to meet almost any requirement. Industry tested pusher, skid, and roller tray patterns are available in sizes ranging from 12" X 12", 42" X 72", up to 60" X 60" square which are designed to fit most of the hearth and rail type heat treating furnaces in operation today. Wirco also offers a number of cast basket designs for batch, pit, and pusher furnace applications. Wirco's cast trays and baskets have been designed for an array of thermo-processing applications such as hardening, annealing, carburizing, and nitriding.

Wirco maintains high quality standards in our cast alloys through the use of computer controlled charge makeup in conjunction with arc furnace melting and low temperature pouring techniques. Our trays and grids are always cast using green sand molding processes and 100% mold inspection to produce the highest quality cast alloy trays available. Wirco's commitment to a high quality standard assures a considerably longer service life for our trays than offered by other suppliers.

Our engineers are capable of designing trays for new applications or redesigning existing trays for improved service life in the most extreme applications. We can theoretically model your manufacturing process using stress analysis to determine the best possible weight to part ratio which in turn maximizes your alloy dollar. This information is then used to verify that load stress do not exceed material strength or design parameters so you can trust our product for your most critical high heat, extreme weight processes.



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