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The movement of the world economy depends on forging, casting, and working of metal parts. Wirco is integral to the supply chain of thousands of companies who work daily to create metal gears, axles, fasteners, turbine blades, steel (sheet, plate, rod coil), and countless other metal items needed in industries across the globe. Many of these metal parts require high-temperature transformations like carburizing, nitriding, and annealing. Those operations are performed in high-temperature heat treatment furnaces, which Wirco helps to keep operating through the supply of manufactured stainless steel furnace replacement parts. These parts take on many forms but can best be grouped into the following categories: gas and electric fired radiant tubes, furnace rolls, high-temperature fans, in-furnace material handling systems, and stainless steel furnace shells such as muffles, pit retorts, and salt pots.

Wirco has been trusted for over 50 years to develop and manufacture high-temperature heat treatment tooling for numerous industries in the form of both castings and fabrications. High quality heat treatment tooling produces high-quality heat-treated parts. Many key Wirco customers rely on our expertise to guarantee unmatched quality to their customers.

Since our founding, Wirco has had a strong corporate commitment to manufacturing all of our products in our Indiana and Illinois facilities. Over the years, these facilities have grown to house a comprehensive collection of casting and fabricating equipment utilized in the production of thermal processing tooling and heat treatment furnace parts.

Our customers and associates have always valued American made products, which is why Wirco has a corporate mandate to source all of our stainless steel needs from USA sited mills. Our dedication to a domestic supply chain has been proven repeatedly through the consistently high performance of our products.

Wirco has flourished under the leadership of CEO and President, Chad Wright, whose Christian based ethos has brought together a diverse and talented team of skilled trade associates, engineers, sales specialists, and support staff.

We thank you for your business and hope you consider Wirco for your next alloy purchase.

“Christ Knocking on the United Nations” hangs in the office entry of each Wirco building.

Founding & Mergers

Since 1978 Wirco, Incorporated has been committed to providing high-temperature tooling and furnace replacement parts for our heat treating and steel manufacturing customers. Wirco was incorporated in 1969 as a commercial heat-treating company located in Kendallville, Indiana by three local businessmen, Joe Wright, Lee Isaacson, and Bob Rodewald (W.I.R.co). After a strong decade of company growth, the board of directors made a strategic decision to refocus the business and the heat-treating assets were sold in 1978. At this time, the Wirco alloy fabrication division was established based on years of experience making and running tooling for Wirco’s heat treating division. That same year, Wirco’s 100% pressure-welded rod frame heat treatment basket was developed and patented by Dennis L. Wright, our Board Chairman. A short time later, the Wirco corporate headquarters and manufacturing assets moved to a larger purpose-built facility located in Avilla, Indiana. Avilla continues to be home to Wirco’s global headquarters and now consists of a greatly expanded three-building campus located on 27 acres.

After decades of growth, in 2005 Wirco purchased the assets of Alloy Engineering and Casting Company (AECCO) located in Champaign, Illinois. Founded in 1941 by HH Haris as a stainless steel research foundry for the US military, AECCO greatly aided the war effort through the development of various specialty alloys utilized by the US Navy. AECCO has a distinguished history as a well-respected stainless steel alloy foundry specializing in casting design and improvement. AECCO produces heat, corrosion, and wear resistant castings in conventional and centrifugal casting processes. Our technical expertise and experience coupled with state-of-the-art equipment allow AECCO to meet customer requirements through a full range of cast alloy materials and products. Our modern facility includes both induction and arc melt furnaces allowing for the production of a wide variety of castings ranging in weight from 1 to 3000 pounds.

In April of 2013, Wirco Incorporated purchased the assets of alloy basket and tooling fabricator Salloy, Incorporated located in Simpsonville, SC. Founded in 1984 by Sal and Rose Postich, Salloy’s extensive background in the design and manufacturing of heat resistant alloy products was a welcome addition to Wirco. Salloy’s expanded offerings benefit Wirco’s ability to offer a variety of heat treat tooling options.

Looking to further expand our fabrication division capacity, Wirco purchased Hyper Alloys Incorporated in 2017. Hyper Alloys was founded in 1966 by Ed Nueman, Frank Poloni, Len Griffor, and Don Cartwright in Roseville, Michigan. For over 50 years, Hyper Alloys excelled at supplying stainless steel tooling and furnace parts for customers located throughout the United States. Today Hyper Alloys is located on Wirco’s Avilla, Indiana campus with an expanded and modernized manufacturing footprint, which better serves our domestic and international customers.