Furnace Parts

We've been casting furnace components a long time. We've gotten pretty good at it. So good, in fact, that we're proud to partner with many of the best furnace manufacturers who use Wirco products in their own furnaces.

Alloy Selection

With more than 74 different types of alloys, on-site casting, and extensive knowledge of almost all furnaces, we can recommend the highest quality materials and fabrication for your specific environment.


From rollers and roller rails to chain guides and pusher heads, we manufacture and fabricate all the heat-treated internal furnace components for almost all furnaces.

In Stock

We stock many of the products needed for quick delivery and affordable replacement. We also stock many of the patterns used for most furnace components.


Quality furnaces require dependable fans. Our state-of-the-art-technology provides dynamic balancing to ensure the proper balance, which extends the life of the fan. We inventory a variety of pre-machines shaft and hub configurations. And like our furnace components, we stock cast and fabricated fans for quick and affordable replacement.



"Wirco has been great to work with and has always delivered my products on time."

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