Scrap Recycling Program

Does your facility have stainless steel or other high-alloy components that are no longer being used? 
Are you trying to find more room in your budget to purchase new parts from WIRCO?

WIRCO’s scrap recycling program offers a solution!

We buy scrap back for credit against a future order which allows you take advantage of your old scrap alloy that has reached its end of life. Wirco will arrange and pay for all transport needed for each scrap load, process the scrap at our foundry division, confirm alloy composition, and disperse the appropriate credit value.

Get your quote today!

• Stretch your budget by getting more new parts for the money.

• Effectively recycle your old parts into brand new parts.

• Get a fair and competitive price for the metal…we are the end user and not a dealer or “middle man”.

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• Include all information about the metal grade(s), approximate weight of each grade, the form of the scrap (trays, tube assemblies, belts, etc.) and the current location of the scrap.  

• A scrap offer price will be promptly issued to you.

• If the price is acceptable, contact WIRCO for a purchase order and shipping instructions.

• Your scrap will be analyzed to verify metal type, sorted, and processed into usable forms.

• When a final weight and breakdown of metal types is obtained, you will receive a credit memo good for future purchases from WIRCO. Cash option also available if requested.