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Since 1978, Wirco, Inc., has been committed to providing high quality heat treat fixturing and furnace replacement parts to our customers. Wirco was incorporated in 1969 as a commercial heat-treating company. The heat-treating assets were sold in 1978, and the fabrication division was established. That same year, our 100% pressure welded rod frame basket was developed and patented by Dennis L. Wright, our CEO and Chairman. We continue to serve the commercial heat-treating industry as well as the captive heat treat segment. Our products are used in the processing of metal goods from golf clubs to jet turbine blades, from saw blades to forks and spoons.

Wirco manufactures a full line of fabrications including baskets, fixturing, furnace fans (new and rebuilt), furnace rolls, muffles, corrugated boxes, wrought and cast radiant tubes and retorts. We design fixturing to specific customer requirements, and also rebuild furnace components such as fans and fan housings and most recently, cast U and W tubes. Our services and products provide lower operating costs and ease of use so our customers can focus their energy on their core business.

For the past decade, Wirco has heavily invested in information technology. This has helped maximize our buying power, know and control costs, track production with honest delivery times, and provide quicker and more accurate responses to our customer’s needs. We utilize pressure welding, combined with automated handling, to provide consistent and cost effective products. Our newest manufacturing technology is an automated orbital TIG welder combined with a man portable programmable lathe to machineand weld cast radiant tubes. This equipment makes it possible for Wirco to provide full penetration x-ray quality welds.

WIRCO, Inc. • 105 Progress Way • P.O. Box 609 • Avilla, Indiana 46710


Founded in 1941, Alloy Engineering & Casting Company is a well respected foundry supplying castings to a variety of markets. AECCO produces heat, corrosion, and wear resistant castings in conventional and centrifugal casting processes. Our technical expertise and experience coupled with state-of-the-art equipment in a modern foundry allows AECCO to meet customer requirements through a full range of cast alloy materials and products. Our facilities include both induction and arc furnaces allowing for the production of a wide variety of casting sizes. Castings produced by AECCO can range from .1 to 3000 pounds. The Engineering staff will provide the best possible solution to your cast alloy requirements utilizing the latest CAD technology. Our engineering service is available for new designs as well as the redesign of existing applications.

AECCO’s strict attention to detail and high quality production processes result in the finest cast products available on the market today. Thanks to Alloy Engineering and Casting Company’s dedication to new technologies and quality enhancements, you are also assured of the highest quality products in the future.

Alloy Engineering and Casting Company is constantly striving to deliver the latest, most innovative technology to our clients. The present production facility offers clients a wide range of casting options under one roof. Attention to customer needs and a dedication to delivering the latest in evolving technologies make Alloy Engineering and Casting Company a leader in the casting industry.

In August 2005 Wirco Inc. purchased the assets of Alloy Engineering and Casting Co. With this purchase we are pleased to announce the formation of the largest alloy supply and design house in the heat treating industry. We feel the industry as a whole will benefit from the combination of Wirco’s superior fabrications and AECCO’s unmatched engineering and casting abilities.

AECCO: Alloy Engineering & Casting Company • 1700 West Washington Street • Champaign, Illinois 61821



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