Hyper Alloys

Wirco’s Hyper Alloy line of custom fabrications have been used in many facets of the thermal processing industry. Rugged baskets, unique muffles, vacuum retorts, corrugated boxes, and radiant tubes have been hand crafted with exacting standards for over 50 years. • Fabricated Furnace Muffles and Retorts • Corrugated Boxes • Fabricated Alloy Tubes • Heat Treating Salt Pots and Lids • Vacuum Retorts • Pit Furnace Retorts and Liners • Inner Covers

Hyper Alloys

Specialty Stainless Steel Fabrications

For over 45 years, thermal processing companies have selected Hyper Alloys for their stainless-steel alloy tooling and furnace part needs. Hyper Alloys, now based in Avilla, Indiana, has a long history of supplying specialty stainless steel fabrications for use in a large variety of high-temperature applications. The combined Wirco-Hyper product catalog offers high value and comprehensive inventory that heat treating managers and operators can depend on.

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Furnaces North America 2020 Virtual

Visit the Wirco booth to learn more about all that Wirco has to offer our customers. You can live chat with everyone from sales reps all the way up to the ownership team.

Wirco Cement/Lime

CementLime-Brochure-2020-CompletedDownload WIRCO provides the cement/lime industry with critical cast and fabricated components for high temperature applications. Cement & Lime

Wirco High Temp Furnace Fans

2 New furnace fans heading out the door to keep our customers furnace operations at peek capacity. Wirco can supply new fans and rebuild used fans for all furnace types!