Quality Certifications

Quality Control

ISO 9001 Certified A2LA Accredited Testing Laboratory

Whether you are purchasing furnace fan assemblies, fabricated baskets, cast trays, high-temperature rolls, or any of our thousands of products, Wirco, Incorporated stands behind every product we manufacture. When purchasing any of our foundry line of cast products, you can be assured that our A2LA Accredited lab (Testing Cert 1321.01), has verified the metal content of each furnace heat.

Our Quality Management System is structured to comply with the conditions set forth in the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 and is implemented through contractual situations for our products and services.

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WIRCO’s Quality Objectives:

ISO 9001 Certified: 2015 • A2LA Accredited Testing Laboratory

Understanding and meeting our customer’s needs • Working to improve on-time delivery • Increasing customer satisfaction