Cast Heat Treatment Work Carriers

Wirco maintains a vast array of patterns heat treatment tooling patterns used in our Champaign, IL Foundry. We specialize in designing, casting and delivering the highest quality cast work carriers for over 50 years.
• Cast Furnace Trays
• Cast Gear Fixtures
• Cast Baskets
• Cast Pit Furnace Tooling Systems

  • Cast Heat Treatment Work Carriers

Innovative Approach

increasing overall efficiency

We give you long-term savings achieved by extended alloy life. Our team of highly skilled engineers and metallurgists provide innovative solutions that maximize alloy life and reduce operating costs. While it is great to fix a problem, we focus on the big picture by designing solutions that can simplify your supply chain, maximize parts per load, and increase your overall efficiency.

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Furnaces North America 2020 Virtual

Visit the Wirco booth to learn more about all that Wirco has to offer our customers. You can live chat with everyone from sales reps all the way up to the ownership team.

Wirco Cement/Lime

CementLime-Brochure-2020-CompletedDownload WIRCO provides the cement/lime industry with critical cast and fabricated components for high temperature applications. Cement & Lime

Wirco High Temp Furnace Fans

2 New furnace fans heading out the door to keep our customers furnace operations at peek capacity. Wirco can supply new fans and rebuild used fans for all furnace types!