Heat Treatment Furnace Parts

Internal furnace alloy cast and fabricated in our multiple US facilities. Wirco stocks many of the common internal alloy components. Manufacturing internal alloy for over 50 years, Wirco possesses a vast array of engineering data on most furnace varieties.
• Cast & Fabricated Radiant Tubes
• Fabricated Furnace Muffles and Retorts
• Vacuum Retorts & Lids
• Heat Treating Salt Pots
• Pit Furnace Retorts and Liners
• Inner Covers
• Atmosphere Furnace Fan Systems
• Furnace Rolls
• Heat Treatment Furnace Internal Alloy Systems

Wirco casts, machines and assembles a variety of radiant tube designs. Included but not limited to:
• U-Shape
• W-Shape
• Straight (S.E.R.)
• P-Shape
• Double-P
• Double-U
• Tri-Cast
• Endothermic Gas Generator Tubes

  • Cast and Fabricated Replacement Fans

Atmosphere Furnace Fan Systems
• Cast and Fabricated Replacement Fans
• Dynamic Fan Balancing and Fan Repair
• Air and Water Cooled Fan Housings (Bungs)
• Air Cooled Fan Housing Conversions
• Furnace Rolls

  • Furnace Rolls

Furnace Rolls

Heat Treatment Furnace Internal Alloy Systems
• Cast Roller Rails and Rollers
• Chain Guides and Pusher Heads
• Hearth Plates
• Cast Support Piers
• Walking Beams
• Furnace Screws
• Radiant Tube Supports
• High-Temperature Furnace Doors

Long Lasting Solutions

Made In America

We take full responsibility to produce all of your alloy needs in-house. Our products are made in America with 100% American-sourced alloys so that you can trust their quality and reliability. Whether you’re tired of downtime from leaks and popped welds, or you’ve had it with lost production resulting from failed radiant tubes and furnace rolls, we work our expertise to provide a long-lasting solution.

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100% Made in the USA

100% Made in the USA

Here at Wirco, 100% of our castings and fabrications are domestically sourced and produced. We will never have to wait on shipments from overseas. Follow us on LinkedIn !

Wirco – Alloy Castings and Fabrications.

Wirco – Alloy Castings and Fabrications.

" I didn't know Wirco did that!" If you have ever said this phrase when thinking about alloy castings or fabrication needs for your heat treat or steel mill operation, this is a friendly reminder of all the capabilities that Wirco has to help drive better results for...