Wirco, Inc. produces centrifugally cast tubes in precision machined permanent molds for outstanding product characteristics. A fully automated computerized centrifugal casting machine is used to assure uniform wall sections, tube straightness and accurate weight. Dynacast is a unique production process that puts the most advanced technology to work in the production of uniform thin wall tubes. Tubes 4” in diameter and larger can be produced with a minimum 1/8” metal section. The Wirco process has the capability to hold "as cast" tolerances of plus or minus .062" on wall thickness and tube diameter. Tubes ranging in diameter from 2-3/4" to 14" and in lengths from 96" to 144" are currently produced by the DynacastL division.

Wirco’s commitment to quality assurance is evident in their Dynaecast products both before and after pouring. Heats are checked through spectrographic analysis in our A2LA-accredited laboratory (Testing Cert #1321.01) prior to pouring. Dye penetrant testing and borescope examination are used to monitor integrity of the finished piece. All cast tubes and cast components are pressure tested individually at 30-35 PSI. Intense visual inspection on every component is conducted by quality inspectors prior to shipment.

Wirco, Inc. maintains a wide variety of standard patterns to produce components such as return bends, elbows, trunnions, reducers, and more. Wirco, Inc. can also customize radiant tube assemblies or furnace rolls to meet exact furnace requirements. All radiant tube assemblies are fabricated in-house using special orbital tig welding equipment to provide sound weldments.

Wirco’s strict attention to detail and high quality production processes result in the finest cast products available on the market today. Because of our dedication to new technologies and quality enhancements, you are assured of the highest quality products.



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