Wirco has been furnishing components to the US and international steel mill market for over 40 years and is well known for high quality products with on time delivery. Our products are used in annealing furnaces, slab reheating furnaces, tunnel furnaces, plating furnaces, and other applications where heat resistance is required. Wirco offers a large range of products including radiant tube assemblies, furnace rolls, high temperature dry tunnel rolls, recuperator tube assemblies, skid castings, rider castings, walking beams, and wire coil annealing trays. Wirco is capable of producing our products in a large variety of materials, including proprietary materials suitable for the most severe high heat applications.

Wirco maintains high quality standards in our products by using the latest quality assurance programs, A2LA accredited lab, SPC standards, and ISO certification.

Robotic Tig welding is used at tube to casting joints to assure complete fusion of weld joints. All components and assemblies have 100% visual inspection to verify quality and dimensional conformity prior to shipment.

Our engineers can offer new or improved designs and materials to extend service life and reduce costs. Stress analysis of your application can determine if changes can be made to reduce weight and extend service life. In many cases our application specialists have been able to more than double the service life of components and assemblies for the steel mills we service.



"Wirco has been great to work with and has always delivered my products on time."

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