Wirco Cement/Lime

CementLime-Brochure-2020-CompletedDownload WIRCO provides the cement/lime industry with critical cast and fabricated components for high temperature applications. Cement & Lime

Wirco High Temp Furnace Fans

2 New furnace fans heading out the door to keep our customers furnace operations at peek capacity. Wirco can supply new fans and rebuild used fans for all furnace types!


From all of us here at Wirco, we wish you a blessed Memorial day Weekend! We remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the liberty and freedoms we enjoy today! God Bless America!
100% Made in the USA

100% Made in the USA

Here at Wirco, 100% of our castings and fabrications are domestically sourced and produced. We will never have to wait on shipments from overseas. Follow us on LinkedIn !